How to Build a True Culture of Innovation at Your School This Year

by A.J. Juliani – Head of Learning & Growth

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“Our job, sometimes, is simply to be the spark, help build confidence, and then get out of the way. If innovation in any school is solely dependent upon one person, it will continue to happen in pockets. In contrast, when we focus on empowering learners to become leaders, they help spread ideas.” – George Couros in The Innovator’s Mindset

It seems that every school or organization I work with, speak at, or talk to has a similar problem. In all honesty, the school’s I’ve been a part of as a teacher, staff developer (and now administrator) have each dealt with this exact same issue.

Pockets of innovation.

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Welcoming A.J. Juliani to the NextLesson Team

downloadWe could not be more excited to announce A.J. Juliani as our new Head of Learning and Growth at NextLesson.

A.J. is one of the world’s most innovative thought leaders when it comes to engaging students through inquiry-based learning. Through his prolific and award-winning speaking, writing and professional development courses, he has built a huge following of educators who are passionate about innovation, inquiry, and engagement — exactly what NextLesson is about!

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Rank & Reason Tip #5 – An Insightful Discussion is a Rehearsal for Deep Learning

Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 10.38.51 AMWhat are the best ways to use the compare feature of Rank & Reason?

  • Compare generates higher-level discussion
  • Compare can focus the discussion
  • Compare teaches respect for the perspective or point of view of peers

An Insightful Discussion is a Rehearsal for Deep Learning

We’ve all experienced a discussion that simply goes flat. The students are quiet or staring or looking around and no matter how we reframe the question or prompt, the Classroom World is not chugging to the World of Insight. We wonder whether the problem is the question, if the students need more background, or if it’s just the planets are not aligned today.

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Projects & Activities Tip #5 – Become a “make a copy” superhero!

Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 3.42.46 PMHow can I best utilize the “make a copy” feature in Projects & Activities?

  • Differentiate assigned lesson content.
  • Expand group project/activity possibilities.
  • Set up Literature Circles with ease.
  • Class projects and activities, jigsaw style.
  • And so much more!

Become a “make a copy” superhero to your students!

NextLesson’s interactive platform allows teachers the flexibility to completely customize our lesson content to fit their exact needs. In addition to being able to edit text, insert your own images, questions and resources, delete content, etc, you are also able to make copies of lessons. I know, you’re thinking, “so what, big deal” right? However, this make a copy feature opens up endless lesson possibilities for teachers.

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