Introducing NextLesson


With a deep belief in the power of learning through projects, we started our journey by building a simple project management tool for students. Working with many entrepreneurial teachers to test our product, we learned our tool needed to be much easier to use.

During this process, however, we could not help but notice that a lot of exciting curriculum was bottled up in the classrooms of these innovative educators — people we came to call “Teacherpreneurs.”

This simple observation became our company’s driving question — the ungooglable inquiry that drives both our meaning and madness (on occasion):
“How can we unleash projects students love?”

The beginning of our answer is the launch of NextLesson, a marketplace to discover and manage 21st century projects. With our platform, teacherpreneurs can publish content that is really easy for other teachers to download and, more importantly, customize for their classroom.

Thanks for joining us on this adventure.

Dion & Parshu