Staff Picks: Time Themed Projects in 4th to 6th Grade


The saying, “time flies when you’re having fun” has never been truer for the NextLesson team. We love project based learning! We hope that project based learning causes that magic time warp to happen in your classroom. This week the NextLesson team decided to share some of our favorite projects focused around time:

The Early Humans Timeline

The life of early humans and their evolution has always aroused curiosity in not just historians, but the average individual as well. This project is designed to provide extensive knowledge about our ancestors in an innovative style, so that we can better understand our own self and our changing world. This project covers common core standards in English language arts for 6th grade and also covers social science standards surrounding early human civilizations. It offers extensive material for excellent understanding of the early humans’ timeline in the forms of printable worksheets and other material. Students who take up such project based learning would soon find themselves developing much needed 21st century skills such as social skills, communication skills, and self-monitoring and self-direction skills. Check out this project on NextLesson.

Technology: Past, Present, Future

Our world is engulfed in a technology storm that seems to be growing each day. This project has been designed to help students understand the importance of past and present technology and enable them to distinguish between them with extreme ease. It covers common core standards in English language arts for 4th and 5th grade. Students will learn from a diverse menu of categories including research and technology. The support materials include printable worksheets and notes so that preparation and understanding is bolstered. Opting for this project based learning would make students capable of developing their own technology in the future by acquiring essential real world skills such as technology literacy, information media literacy and creative thinking. This technology project can be found on NextLesson.

Build A Time Machine

While time machines have only been seen in movies till now, they continue to be objects of fascination for many. This project aims to empower young minds to build their own time machines, using renewable and recyclable materials, so that they can travel back in time to learn about the different horizons of history. It covers eight 6th grade English Language common core standards and multiple earth science standards. This project based learning technique will engender proficiency in earth science, recycling and renewable resources. Printable worksheets and videos are provided to ensure that students work in a learning environment that is motivational and fun. This project introduces students to the intriguing concept of a time machine that will allow them to further develop key 21st century skills such as project management and critical thinking/project management skills. The time machine project can be found on NextLesson and Edmodo.

Let’s do the time warp again!