Staff Picks: Common Core Aligned Math Projects


Math rocks! It is everywhere in our lives (including as a building block to our website- thank you math). This week we decided to share some of our favorite math projects geared towards late elementary school and middle school:

The Mesopotamian Farmer’s Conundrum
With the help of Mesopotamian history and culture this project teaches students fundamental math concepts by introducing money lending practices common in that era. It covers common core standards in 6th grade Math, including ratios and proportional relationships as well as Social Studies and History. Students can learn these concepts by solving problems presented in the form of riveting stories. A number of printable worksheets make learning all the more easy and fun. Check out this project on NextLesson.

My Life as a Rational Number
Students assume the persona of a rational number and learn number relationships, rules etc by looking at these in the form of traditional family relationships. This project covers common core standards in 6th, 7th and 8th grade Math. Students are encouraged to develop their collaboration and problem solving skills by answering different questions and comparing answers with their peers to identify gaps in knowledge. Two fun worksheets are available for printing and allow students to reinforce information by repeatedly applying their knowledge. This project is available on NextLesson.

The Great Pyramid Math
The great Egyptian pyramids have long been a source of fascination and curiosity. Incredible feats of engineering, built at a time when most would assume such knowledge did not exist. What better way to teach the basics of engineering, than these remarkable structures. This project covers common core standards in grade 6 Math, including Geometry and measurements, History, Social Studies and Social Science. This project features not only multiple printable worksheets with unique problems to engage the students’ interest but also a video to allow the students to get a true feel for the subject. Check out this project on NextLesson.

These projects also can be purchased as a bundle on the Edmodo App store.