Staff Picks: Experience Math


This week we’ve decided to share some incredible math projects that ask students to think outside the box. Student will act as a sales person, ordered pair and function (yes, we see that eyebrow furrow- yes, it is possible to act as an ordered pair or function. Students love it!):

Commission vs. Salary: An Epic Battle
An innovative project; this draws students in by awakening the spirit of healthy competition. In this project, that covers Common Core standards in 7th grade math, students learn by assuming the role of sales clerks and competing for the highest sales to earn a bonus. This project features a number of nifty printable worksheets and guiding tools to help students along the way. The project provokes the students’ curiosity and captures their attention with a challenging yet fun task, which will translate into a rich learning experience. It teaches students important real life skills such as critical thinking and self-direction skills through working on this project. Check out this project on NextLesson.

My Life as an Ordered Pair
This project introduces students to coordinate planes and ordered pairs by allowing students to take on the persona of an ordered pair. It covers common core standards in 5th grade math and English language arts. Students share their views, ideas, experiences and feelings from their perspective as ordered pair. This project encourages and develops essential life skills such as creative and critical thinking skills as well as social skills as students share their ideas and thoughts with others fearlessly. This is a great way to learn important math concepts that are often challenging for students, since the project commands attention and takes learning from a common classroom environment, to a more interactive and enjoyable project based learning environment. This project is available on NextLesson.

My Life as a Function
This project allows students to take on the role of functions and covers common core standards in 7th and 8th grade math. This project takes a new outlook on this extremely important math concept, and attracts students by allowing them to see the entire learning process as a playful experiment. Students are exposed to essential concepts through interesting web links and printable worksheets. Students build key 21st century skills such as problem solving skills as well as self-monitoring by working on this project. This project appeals to students’ creative senses and teaches them about math while ensuring a deeper understanding of these essential concepts. You can check out this project on NextLesson.

Have a superb week!