Holidays: Halloween Projects


Halloween has always been a popular holiday. When it comes down to it, what’s not to like; from witches, haunted houses, spooky jack-o-lanterns and of course the fun costumes; this is every kid’s dose of fun with a little candy and a little bit of scary sprinkled in between. This a great time to start projects in your classroom that build up to the holiday.

We are also excited to share that two of these Halloween themed projects are from new authors: Laura Cross is a teacherpreneur from across the pond and Clint Clark creator of the website, 21st Century Math Projects.

Ghoulish Ghost Stories
Laura draws inspiration from this well-loved holiday and covers common core standards in English language arts for 5th and 6th grade. Since Halloween is all about ghost stories and a little creepy entertainment, this is the perfect opportunity to teach students about writing captivating stories. The project takes students through all the stages of story writing such as planning, character development, etc. The project features a range of helpful worksheets and other tools to make this project a truly remarkable activity. Most children associate Halloween with images of trick or treating and telling each other ghost stories. This project is a great way to hold the students’ attention and creating excitement about academic work. You can find this project on NextLesson and Edmodo.

Halloween Narrative – Pacing
Michelle’s project capitalizes on the spooky spirit of Halloween. With the holiday so close on the horizon, most kids can’t help but be completely absorbed with their Halloween costumes, ghost stories etc. This project covers common core standards in 6th grade English language arts and ensures that students learn essential skills in writing while having fun and staying in the Halloween groove. This project teaches students about the importance of pacing while writing a story, which is just as important as the content. With the help of a number of activities and printable worksheets students learn key concepts and skills such as creative thinking and communication skills. This project through its engaging and playful style makes it a wonderful project that most kids will enjoy, while still learning important concepts. Check out this project on NextLesson.

Zombie Apocalypse
Who doesn’t love zombies, especially when it’s Halloween! Clint’s killer project covers common core standards in 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade Math. The project is designed as a game where students learn about important math topics such as exponential and logarithmic functions. Students are divided into teams and make important calculations in relation to zombies to survive. The project enhances the development of valuable real life skills such as social skill and critical thinking skills. This project makes extremely challenging math problems a lot of fun while the game style of the project provides a huge incentive to learn and therefore win. This project is available on NextLesson and Edmodo.

Have a hauntingly Happy Halloween!