New Project Spotlight: Engaging Projects in Math, ELA and Science


Check out these cool new projects on NextLesson (including some high school):

This exciting new project aims to engage, and engage it does with an interesting challenge that grabs the attention throughout the run of the project. Common core standards in 4th grade science are covered in this project, that focuses on topics such as ecosystems, adaptation of animals to their habitat, etc. With the help of excellent instructions, numerous resources and guiding tools students learn about adaptations animals acquire to survive in certain habitats and over the course of the project create a “super rat” that has successfully adapted to everything in its environment. Students will love this project as it offers a great challenge to them and allows them to work with their peers in groups to come up with a solution. Find this project on NextLesson.

Edgar Allan Poe’s classic poem, “The Raven” – An interactive, multimedia lesson plan.
This project grabs the attention from the very beginning. With a great concept and design this project covers common core standards in the English language arts for grades 7-12 in a very unique way. The project with its many teaching aids, concept reinforcement worksheets and other learning tools instills in students a deeper understanding of Poe’s classic poem. After students grasp the general idea of the writing and appreciate the intensity of the piece, they are tasked with creating their own poem, similar to Poe’s. The project encourages students to be more creative and to be better critical thinkers while creating interest in literature. At the end students share their work with a real life audience that is a great incentive for better performances. Discover this project on NextLesson.

Box Car Derby
Who doesn’t love a good race? This project does a great job of incorporating the fun side of racing and the academics involved in creating a great racing car. Covering common core standards for 6th, 7th and 8th grade math, this project is guaranteed to grab the attention of each and every student. Students learn and use important math concepts in each step of building a car that will win the race for them, from design to purchasing materials within their budget, etc. The project features a number of helpful tools, images, printable worksheets etc. to help the students with their goal. Students learn important skills such as team-work and creative thinking in order to win this thrilling challenge! Explore this project on NextLesson.

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