New Lesson Spotlight: High School Lessons


This week we are thrilled to share three new exemplary pieces of high school focused content:

The Scarlet Ibis

This thought provoking lesson uses James Hurst’s short story “The Scarlet Ibis” as a dramatic yet effective tool to cover common core standards in the English language arts for 8th-12th grade students. In the environment of today, real life skills such as the ability to comprehend concepts, to think creatively and to apply these concepts in life, are prized much more than just traditional classroom learning. Detailed guides and answer keys for activities, worksheets and even an instructional writing rubric help students to learn and apply essential literary concepts. This lesson takes this interesting short story to draw students into a world weaved with words and teaches them through a different yet inspirational approach.

The Necklace

This interesting lesson uses an activity focused technique to cover common standards in the English language arts for grades 8-12. Targeting core 21st century skills, this lesson is a wonderful tool for developing abilities such as problem solving, analytic skills as well as an accountability for high standards. The lesson uses this classic piece of writing to teach concepts such as the intricacies of character development while writing and symbolism in literature etc. With interactive class activities, reflection provoking assignments and printable worksheets this lesson builds interest and excellence in literature and with such appealing content, it is sure to be a great success with students.

Twitter, Facebook and the Arab Spring

Ever wonder how platforms such as Facebook and YouTube can impact real world events? This project covers common core standards in math for grades 7-12. It focuses on broadening horizons and exposure to information media and advancing technology, to build up knowledge in these important areas in addition to enhancing social and cross-cultural skills. Students analyze data patterns on social media avenues such as twitter and create a timeline of events that occurred leading up to and playing a role in the Egyptian revolution. The project uses classroom challenges and data comparison charts etc. to create a profound understanding of these key math concepts. Using current events as a way to build interest, this project is certainly a thrilling challenge to be involved in.

Have a terrific weekend!