Staff Picks: Cartoons + Common Core


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s NextLesson. OK, OK…we may not have superhero powers, but we firmly believe that our teacherpreneurs do. Check out these inspirational cartoon related projects for students of many different ages- all common core aligned.

The Rock Cycle: A Children’s Story

Get your students excited about science! This project uses a clever twist; combining storytelling with Science, it covers English language arts common core standards and science standards for both 4th Grade and 7th Grade. Students learn about the rock cycle as well as the basics of storytelling and writing through a number of fun and informational videos and printable worksheets and guides. Students are encouraged to craft unique and engaging stories from the perspective of a rock undergoing the rock cycle. The project is a wonderful tool for teachers to help their students build real life, meaningful connections through their work on this project. Students are able to let their creative juices flow and have a little fun with this exciting project.

4 Types of Sentences Comic

This project plays on the students’ interest in comics to provoke curiosity and to develop excellence in the English language arts. It covers common core standards in this discipline for 4th- 7th grade students. Students learn about the 4 types of sentences based on punctuation, then create comics featuring characters that are these punctuation marks! This project takes a unique take on teaching the most commonplace topics to make them interesting, and allows students to develop essential 21st century skills such as problem solving and critical thinking. Featuring exciting teaching tools such as informational slides, printable worksheets and comic templates, this project does a great job of teaching English grammar in an interesting way.

Superhero Transformations

This thrilling project is based on the enormously popular topic of superheroes. The project covers common core standards in 7th- 10th grade Math. It uses the students’ interest in superheroes to teach key math skills. Students are challenged with solving different math problems in order to transform their functions into superheroes to eliminate villains. Students acquire important real life skills such as social and collaborative skills as well as project management skills through this project. The exciting topic and challenging tasks are sure to keep students engaged at every step.