Holidays: Thanksgiving Projects


The end of November is quickly approaching. We know that the students are starting to get restless. Give your student a new challenge by starting a project that ties into Thanksgiving.

Grocery Store Challenge
Thanksgiving can be a costly meal for most families. Help your elementary school students understand the cost of groceries and the importance of nutrition with this engaging project. The students are given the challenge of planning a days worth of food for a family of five. Use this activity to help the students reflect and give thanks for their Thanksgiving meal. This project covers 4th and 5th grade math Common Core standards. It is packed full of resources and includes an introduction video.

New World Survival Handbook
The “First Thanksgiving” in 1621 celebrated the pilgrims first harvest. Help students better understand the celebration by having them explore the challenges and difficulties faced by the early American colonists when settling in the “New World.” In teams, students will create a survival guide, which could have been of use to American colonists at the time. The project covers English Language Arts Common Core standards in 8th grade and meets Social Science standards around the American Colonists. This project results in a wonderful book that students can share with friends and peers. This project is also available on Edmodo.

Calorie Cruncher
Thanksgiving is often a day of indulgent calorie intake. One day every so often is fine. However, with adolescent obesity on the rise (according to the CDC), it is important for students to know what they are consuming. In Calorie Cruncher, students will use real world authentic calorie data from common foods, popular fast food restaurants and also will use calorie burning measurements in a variety of activities. Students will look at meals and exercise in a completely different way as they help a cast of characters make dietary choices, plan meals and choose physical activities to remain fit. This project meets Common Core math standards at the 6th and 7th grade level.