Staff Picks: Creative English Language Arts Projects


Check out these ELA projects which are sure to spark your student’s creativity and keep them engaged throughout the holidays:

Lit Circles with Insight – TV Production Style
This engaging project uses role sheets where students play different roles such as producer, director, critic etc. to understand a piece of text more deeply, to analyze and understand the themes and characters and the ideas the author means to convey. Covering common core standards in the English Language Arts for the 6th, 7th and 8th grades; this unique project is not only a great learning tool for students, but in fact it is sure to be a favorite with teachers too. The inspiring design and interactive and challenging tasks will certainly provide a platform for students to engage deeply and immerse themselves in the learning process and gain important life skills such as the art of collaboration as well as critical thinking skills.

Writing a Play
Tasks like these enhance real world skills such as creative thinking and collaboration skills. This is a thrilling project that begins with students creating four Paper Mache masks that will form the main characters for a play the students will write. This project covers common core standards in the English Language Arts for 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. Students then write a play and put it up for an audience at the very end. Students are constantly challenged and become better socially as well as academically. The project with its learning aids inspires deeper learning, an interest in the visual arts and is also just an enjoyable experience for students and teachers.

Tall Tales
With this wildly interesting project students learn why tall tales are so fascinating. This project is all about studying what these are, why these have held such wonder for audiences for so many years, and then at the end students create a tall tale of their very own. This project covers common core standards in 5th grade English Language Arts and encourages students to engage in collaborative work and improve their teamwork skills, and to think critically and creatively. Creating such a project might be too time-consuming for teachers who are already busy but with our excellent and inspiring educators creating projects like these we make the task so much easier for you!