Staff Picks: Engaging Projects for Middle School


Check out these intriguing math and ELA projects for your middle schoolers:

Oscar Inquiry
The Oscars are on March 2nd this year. Use this terrific project to engage your students in the new year. Students analyze historical data on Oscar winners and compute whether the actors’ ages have anything to do with their movie’s success. It covers common core standards in Math for 7th-12th grade students. The project includes various printable worksheets for students to practice on and other learning tools to enhance the learning experience. The project based teaching approach keeps students focused and allows them to take responsibility for their own learning through self-monitoring. Students also learn other crucial life skills such as problem solving and social skills while working on this super fun project.

Roman Engineering Debate
While facts and figures are certainly not something to be left at the wayside, the project based approach is an amazing way to engage and capture the students’ attention and teach important and difficult concepts. This project focuses on covering common core standards in the English Language Arts for the 7th grade and essential concepts in social studies. The project challenges students to rate which Roman engineering feat made the greatest impact on the world. The project ties in important concepts into the real world and provokes curiosity and instills better understanding of concepts as students question and analyze their research. This project features a number of printable worksheets and multimedia tools to aid students in their work.

Grade Point Average
This project teaches important math concepts to students by challenging them to determine the grades required, in order to attain a certain GPA for high school seniors. This project covers common core standards in Math for grades 7-12. Students develop and enhance key skills such as critical thinking and problem solving. The project feature interesting and challenging printable worksheets for students to use that reinforce key concepts. This is not only a project that offers a valuable learning experience but can also motivate students to do better by calculating their own grades.