Introducing Performance Tasks and Grade-Level Memberships


We have exciting news from NextLesson!

Over the summer, we rolled out a new type of curriculum called Performance Tasks. These are high interest, stand alone activities with real world application to math. Because Performance Tasks use actual data and apply math in real situations, your students will find them engaging and relevant. Whether your students are into sports, books, movies, or technology, you’ll find an edition that sparks your students’ interest.

But better yet, NextLesson’s Performance Tasks are aligned with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and help students develop critical thinking skills, analysis skills and deep understanding of the content, so you can rest easy knowing these will prepare your students for future success (as well as the Smarter Balanced assessments).

Each Performance Task includes:

  • Teacher Guide – Get an overview of the Performance Task, including helpful suggestions for use and the Common Core alignment for each activity.
  • Level 1 Activity – Laying the foundation. Students start by practicing a core skill matched to a Common Core State standard.
  • Level 2 Activity – Adding some complexity. Students integrate a different skill or set of skills from the Level 1 activity.
  • Challenge Activity – Bring on the critical thinking! Stretch students to reason with math and data to come to conclusions.
  • Finale Activities – Extend the learning. Each activity also includes a finale to extend the math lesson into another subject (usually ELA).
  • Complete Answer Key – All Performance Tasks come with a complete answer key for all activities.
  • Job Background – Each Performance Task enables students to picture themselves in a real world career. Find information about the career, including entry-level education, median pay, and job outlook.

These activities are easily customizable, and can be used in the classroom or assigned as homework – each activity includes instructions and can be worked on independently by students.

Take a peek at our free Performance Tasks:

In other news, we also just launched Grade-Level Memberships. You can now get unlimited access to content specifically for the grade level(s) you teach for $39.99/year per grade level. To give you a sense of how much of a steal this is, if you purchase one project, lesson or Performance Task from NextLesson each month, this already pays for itself. Save yourself some time by letting us do the prep work for you!

Here’s to the start of another great school year!