Virtual Learning for Snow Days


Winter Storm Juno is making its way through the East Coast, causing schools and businesses to close, flights to be canceled and snow plows rolled in to shovel the two feet of snow that is expected in some areas between tonight and Wednesday.

But the learning doesn’t have to stop when you’re not in the classroom. Keep your students engaged from home and their learning on track with these lessons – they all can be done virtually!

Project/Lesson Management Tool: Create your own lesson or browse from our collection of pre-made projects and lessons. Extensive resources are provided, including teacher notes, rubrics, websites, videos and summative work. You can share the lesson with your students and they can track their progress in the tool as they work through a project.

Winter Haikus, ELA, Grades 3-4

Weather Scavenger Hunt, ELA & Science, Grades 5-6

Extended Metaphor Poetry Writing, ELA, Grades 5-10

Rank & Reason: In our Rank & Reason online tool, students rank and justify major ideas, problems, characteristics, solutions, choices and more. Students drag and rank their choices, but the tool encourages them to go further and justify their decisions. Once the ranking is complete, students can compare their choices with their peers, leading to lively discussions.

Extreme Weather Rank & Reason, Grades 2-8

Winter Sports Math, Grades 3-7

Performance Tasks: Performance Tasks are high-interest activities with real world math application. Students are put into real life scenarios where they analyze real data about things they’re interested in: sports, movies, technology, etc. You can send these to your students as Word documents or use an app such as Notability or GoodReader where students can annotate over any document.

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