Accounts & Shopping Cart Update

We’re excited to announce that we’ve made a number of changes to accounts, including an updated My NextLesson dashboard, which consolidates everything you need on NextLesson into one, easy to navigate page, as well as updated My Lessons section, where you’ll find a more organized view of your lessons. We’ve also recently added a shopping cart feature, so you can save time by purchasing multiple resources in one transaction!

During this transition, we made updates to the fields in your account settings/preferences. This is a great opportunity to go into your account settings found beneath your name in the upper left of your My NextLesson dashboard, and update your profile information (title, name, etc.) and preferences (standards-alignment, grades, subjects, etc.).

My NextLesson
The new My NextLesson dashboard gives you an overall view of your NextLesson account: a link to your downloaded lessons, found by clicking the My Lessons button, your preferences/account settings, and easy access for exploring all of NextLesson’s resources. It also is the first step we’re taking to prepare for some great new features coming this fall. Check back for more there! 😉

When you visit and are already logged in, you’ll automatically be dropped onto this new dashboard. Once you navigate to another section of the site, you can return by clicking the orange My NextLesson button/dropdown in the header to navigate to your dashboard. In this dropdown, you’ll also find quick access to frequently used links.

NextLesson Dashboard

Shopping Cart
For teachers who prefer to purchase lessons à la carte, gone are the days of purchasing resources on in individual transactions! We recently launched a shopping cart feature where you can add resources to a cart until your heart’s content, then purchase all at once. Simpler shopping!

My Lessons
We’ve also made a number of updates to your My Lessons section. These include options to filter by resource type (such as Rank & Reason, Performance Tasks, Activities, etc.), separate tabs for your downloaded resources and resources that were shared with you, lesson counts for each of these tabs, and a link to My Archives.

Related to the My NextLesson and Shopping Cart updates, when you purchase a Performance Task, Essential or 21st Century Math Project, rather than downloading directly to your computer, these resources will now be added to your My Lessons after purchase. Here, depending on availability, you’ll be able to access the teacher Word doc and PDF, and student Word doc and PDF.

My Lessons

We made these changes based on your feedback, and will continue making updates to the site based on what you ask for! Keep the feedback coming – we look forward to making NextLesson a site you love! Just email us anytime at