Learn What Interests Your Students & Discover Relevant Lessons with InterestID

We’re excited to announce the launch of InterestID, a student interest and lesson discovery tool! This is a free tool that allows students to voice their interests, and provides teachers with standards-aligned lessons on topics their students love.

With InterestID, your students can voice their interests by liking and disliking items within categories such as sports, movies, books, music, food and gadgets. If they can’t find a certain interest, they can add it in the tool – these recommendations help us determine which lessons we will create.

As teachers, you are then able to view the interests of your students in a summary that displays the top liked categories, most popular interests within those categories, and recommended lessons from NextLesson based on those interests. You can view interest summaries for individual students or classes as a whole, and even track changes over time!

You can find InterestID on nextlesson.org and in the Edmodo Store. Check out our snazzy video below to see a nice overview of how it works!

As a reminder, student privacy is important to us! With InterestID, we may collect information about students’ interests and grade levels, so we’ve updated our practices and Privacy Policy to ensure we provide a safer and more secure experience for schools, parents and students. You can read more in our blog post about the security measures we’ve put in place and the changes to our policy to protect student information.

Check out our press release for more info!

Stay tuned next week! We’ll give you an in-depth tutorial to show you how everything works.