My Lessons Gets a Sleek New Update

My Lessons UpdateNotice a change in your My Lessons today? We just gave this section of your account a sleek new update! We received feedback that it was sometimes difficult to find and open lessons that you downloaded or created, especially when you have a large number of lessons, and we heard you!

Now when you visit My Lessons, you’ll notice it looks more like an online file cabinet, such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Your lessons are listed down the page, and you can sort by name, lesson type, download date or last opened date, either by using the Sort By dropdown in the upper right, or by clicking on the column names. Note: You’ll probably notice that your “last opened” row is empty – we just started tracking when you’ve last opened lessons, so this will be displayed moving forward. You can also search for a lesson by keyword in the search box above your list of lessons. Finally, for the more visual folks, you can toggle from list view into icon view, to view our lessons by their cover image.

On the left of your lessons list, you’ll notice some filters. Here’s a description of each:

My NextLesson Library – Lessons that you’ve downloaded from NextLesson.
Created Lessons – Lessons that you’ve written on the lesson platform.
Joined Lessons – Lesson that you’ve joined using a share code from another teacher.
Archive – Lessons you’ve archived.

Below the filters, you’ll see two buttons to create and join a lesson.

Your students’ view has also been updated to this new look. In the filters on the left, they’ll only see My Lessons, where they can access all of the lessons that they’ve joined through a share code from a teacher.

What do you think of the update? Let us know by commenting below or sending us a note at!