A feast of lessons and projects for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming up soon! We have a ton of lessons about Thanksgiving and Colonial America to offer – students will be able to plan out their ideal Thanksgiving dinner, hear the Legend of the Five Kernels of Corn, and see what life was like in the earliest Colonial settlements. There might even be time to bake up a delicious pumpkin pie, but only if we can remember how much cinnamon and sugar to add!

Thanksgiving-Opinion-WritingThanksgiving Opinion Writing
ELA; Grades K-2

What are your favorite things to eat during Thanksgiving? In this activity students will create an opinion writing piece centered around Thanksgiving food by brainstorming ideas, creating checklists, and using writing templates to discuss their favorite and least favorite foods.


Thanksgiving Table
Math, ELA; Grade 4

Holy Pumpkin Pie! The relatives are coming! There will be 33 of them, and planning the configuration and construction of a new Thanksgiving table for dining will be our first task. Students will also help Crazy Aunt Ida measure ingredients for all her delicious pies. Don’t forget the whipped cream topping!


New World Survival Handbook
ELA, Social Studies; Grade 8

What information could you have provided to early American colonists to help them survive? Help students better understand the celebration by having them explore the challenges and difficulties faced by the early American colonists when settling in the “New World.”