Autumntime and the livin’ is easy

Fall is quickly winding down – the air is crisp, the leaves are a changin’, and NextLesson has some great content for these brisk autumn days. Students will have a chance to learn their letters with leaves, bake a bevy of pies for their bakery, and site out settlements for the Pilgrims at Plimoth Plantation. Rumor has it that the Pilgrims might soon be preparing for a large feast – we’d best bake some extra pies for all the guests!

Letter-LeavesLetter Leaves
ELA; Grade K 

Nothing says autumn more than the bright oranges and yellows of falling leaves. Students in this activity will take turns pretending to be Alphabet Trees and shedding their letter leaves, practicing uppercase and lowercase letter matching.



Pi for Everyone
Math; Grade 7

Your award-winning bakery is introducing a new line of delicious fruit pies, but there isn’t enough flour! You can’t possibly bake enough pies without first measuring areas and circumferences, and let’s not forget the butter!


Pilgrim-PropertiesPilgrim Properties
ELA, Social Studies; Grade 2-4

Why did the Pilgrims choose to settle in Plymouth Rock? Play the role of a real estate agent and introduce the pilgrims to the landscape and geography of Plimoth Plantation. Students will also create maps, design real estate brochures, and learn about the First Thanksgiving.