Coding Lessons for the Hour of Code


Next week, millions of students from across the world will be participating in the Hour of Code: a global effort to encourage computer science curriculum in the classroom and beyond. From December 7-13, schools and leading technology brands alike will host over 180,000 coding events for a one-hour introduction to computer science. In honor of this global event, here are a few lessons that teach your students how to code!

How-to-Speak-ComputerHow to Speak Computer
ELA, Science; Grades 1-2

Ever wonder how to solve problems using a computer? In this lesson students will learn the concepts behind computer programming by helping a monkey navigate a maze, utilizing Scratch technology through offline activities.



Code for Minecrafting
Math; Grade 7

As a video game developer, take command of Minecraft’s unique crafting system by combining linear expressions with programming. Need a new bookshelf? How about upgrading to an iron axe? Design the code that satisfies your resource recipe.


Hackathon Part 1
Math, ELA, Science; Grade 5-8

Using resources published for Hour of Code, teachers can organize their very own hackathon for elementary and middle school.  Students will work in groups through three progressively difficult levels of coding, learning programming principles along the way. 


You can learn more about the Hour of Code at their website.