Get Students Excited with Star Wars Lessons


Long ago in a decade long, long past, the very first Star Wars film was released in May 1977. Nearly forty years later, the holidays will be graced with the latest entry in the Star Wars Saga when Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens opens next week. Since its initial release, the film series has become a beloved franchise and an enormous box office success – but exactly how successful? We’re excited to share with you Star Wars lessons, with a few highlighted below.

Movie-MerchandiseMovie Merchandise
Math; Grade 5

What would you like for Christmas? A Jedi bathrobe for dad? Darth Vader Apron for mom? Definitely a Boba Fett action figure for yourself. Act as a purchasing agent in this lesson and analyze sales figures for Star Wars, Harry Potter and Ninja Turtle merchandise. 

Jedi AcademyJedi Academy: Episode Theta Math; Grades 9-12

The secrets of the Force can be uncovered through the mastering of a simple concept: trigonometry. It turns out that the mental acuity required of a Jedi means that Knights and Padawans alike must hone their abilities to calculate exact distances and precise angles. Who knew?

Box-Office-Bucks-ELABox Office Bucks
ELA, Science; Grade 6

Star Wars is the fifth highest grossing film franchise of all time, having garnered more than $4 billion across seven films. Who then are these wizards, pirates, and Hobbits who challenge The Empire for the ultimate crown? I find their outgrossing box office figures disturbing. 

And yes, even NextLesson knows that Han shot first.