New at NextLesson – February 2016


Riding the momentum of our interactive Performance Tasks beta launch, the NextLesson team has been hard at work building out our resources and platform. Here’s a roundup of what’s new:

High School ELA Performance Tasks:
The first of our high school ELA Performance Tasks are now live on the website! Until now, the ELA Performance Tasks were available in grades 3-8 for all text types and a variety of interests. In these Performance Tasks, high school students can apply ELA skills in real world contexts related to their favorite interests. We’ve made these first few lessons free, so please let us know what you think!

Looking for ELA lessons in the K-2 grade range? Check out our ELA Essentials line.

New Download Options for Math Essentials:
By popular demand, we have added TWO new download options for our Math Essentials – the Word versions for teachers/students and another student PDF option with more working space! With the Word versions, you can edit these to better fit the needs or interests of your class. The roomier student PDF provides you with a structured option that leaves students room to do the math and show their work on the worksheet, as well as have more space to answer written responses.

Enable/Disable Group Discussions Feature:
To address a common question we receive, we’ve just released an update so you can now enable or disable the Group Discussion feature on Projects/PBL, Activities and Rank & Reason. By default, the Group Discussion option will be enabled for any of these lessons on the platform. If you’d like to turn this feature off, just click the “Details” in the bottom corner of the Teaching Guides and Teacher Resources section at the start of the lesson, then unselect this option.

As always, we love hearing what YOU want to see on NextLesson. Send us your thoughts and feedback at and stay tuned for more great updates!