Celebrate Women’s History Month! Plus Warriors Win (again)!

8835a59d-42c3-48c1-9b2c-b8e695033ac2March is Women’s History Month! Amelia Earhart, Rosa Parks, Marie Curie… countless women have made major contributions to history, culture and society. This month we celebrate their lives and contributions, and inspire girls to make a positive impact on our world.

You can learn more about Women’s History Month on their website, and also enjoy some of NextLesson’s own Women’s History Month Lessons.

Women-in-US-HistoryWomen in US History
ELA & Social Studies, Grades 4-8

Who are the most influential women in shaping modern America? Use his 2-week PBL lesson to study a variety of key figures in women’s suffrage, the American Revolution, the abolition of slavery, and the civil rights movement.


coverPersonal Puzzle: Law of Cosines – Marie Curie
Math, Grades 9-12

Marie Curie was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize for her seminal work and pioneering research on radioactivity. Person Puzzles lessons are designed to highlight historical figures from diverse backgrounds such as Curie who have all made significant contributions to our world. Other editions include Rosa Parks, Helen Keller, and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Amazing-Women-of-the-American-RevolutionAmazing Women of the American Revolution
ELA & Social Studies, Grade 5

The Founding Fathers weren’t the only ones who played instrumental roles in the formation of the United States: women such as Martha Washington and Abigail Adams are icons of the American Revolution in their own right. Students in this lesson will conduct research, participate in group activities and learn collaboratively.


Finally, the Golden State Warriors tied the Chicago Bulls last night for the longest home streak with a win over the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Warriors have now won 44 consecutive games at their home arena of Oracle, and continue to pursue the best single-season record in NBA History. Check out NextLesson’s Division Dominance sports series for a look into some other franchise records.

NBA-Division-DominanceNBA Division Dominance
Math & ELA, Grade 5

Students will use the historical records of NBA teams to practice dividing decimals, writing decimals in expanded form and as words. As sports historians, they must also analyze a division of teams in an effort to determine the most successful team in history.

This series is also available for the NHL, NFL, and MLB.