What is a Leprecaun’s favorite type of π?

8835a59d-42c3-48c1-9b2c-b8e695033ac2Next Thursday is St. Paddy’s Day, so don’t forget to wear green! People celebrate in various ways, but there’s more to Ireland and the Irish culture than shamrocks and leprechauns. Check out some of our lessons where students can learn more about Ireland and the history of St. Patrick’s Day.

Happy-St-Patricks-DayHappy St. Patrick’s Day – Are You Feeling Green?
ELA & Social Studies, Grades K-2

Why do we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Use this activity to learn about the true story of this famous saint and how his perseverance can be imitated in everyday life. Students will go on a treasure hunt, learn new vocabulary, and learn why green is the favored color.

Ireland-in-the-Real-World---Rank-&-ReasonIreland in the Real World
ELA & Social Studies, Grades 3-5

Get past the leprechauns and four leaf clovers and dive into a look at the country of Ireland. This Activity will take a look at the population and geographic features of Ireland and how they compare with neighboring countries. Included is a Rank & Reason discussion question.


Monday is also Pi Day (3/14), the day where math enthusiasts around the world celebrate this irrational number, often with… you guessed it, pie! But it’s also a great time to investigate where this number came from, and you may as well find the circumference or volume of that pie before you eat it!

Pi-for-Everyone (1)π for Everyone
Math & ELA, Grade 7

As an owner and operator of your own bakery, students will have to use math to determine costs and profits. Use real prices of packaging and food items to practice calculating area and circumference – we recommend the Super Strawberry Pie in particular.

Untitled-2π Day!
Math, Grades 7-10

This 3-part lesson will have students embracing all things π. Measure diameters in ‘Discovering π’, calculate volumes of pies in ‘A Slice of π’, and use a real pie in ‘π Day’ so you can eat pie while you study π while you measure slices of π. π all around!