Time for a little March Madness


March is winding down, and that means March Madness has begun!! The 2016 NCAA Men’s Division 1 Basketball Tournament kicked off yesterday, and the early matches have already seen some wild finishes and massive upsets. Check out NextLesson’s Tournament Challenge lesson and practice probability using last year’s tournament results before having your students fill out their very own brackets!

Tournament-ChallengeTournament Challenge
Math & ELA; Grade 7

Use the results of the 2015 March Madness Tournament to practice determining probability and compound probability as a college basketball analyst. In 126 matchups no 16th seed team has ever upset a 1st seed team – could this year be the first? Lets calculate the odds.


Defending-a-BreakDefending a Break
Math; Grade 9-11

Try your hand at drawing up defensive strategies as an assistant coach to one of 30 professional NBA teams. Geometric principles will come into play with students finding the centers of triangles including the incenter, circumcenter and centroid.


Sunday also marks the first day of spring, and we have some great Easter Bunny content for younger kids.

The-Easter-BunnyThe Easter Bunny
ELA, Science & Social Studies; Grades 2-5

Which breed of rabbit would the Easter Bunny be? Lionhead? Perlfree? Californian? Students will learn that animals have all sorts of breeds and how geography and migration might affect breeds in different parts of the world.


Easter-Bunny-Boot-Camp-with-Sight-WordsEaster Bunny Boot Camp
ELA; Grade K-2

Welcome to Easter Bunny Boot Camp! It’s time to review sight words, decorate eggs, and practice reading. This lesson includes sight word flash cards, teaching recording tools, and blank resources for customizing the lesson for various grade and reading levels.