School’s Not Out Yet! Pre-Summer Lessons


The school year is winding down and summer is almost here! Students (and parents alike) are probably counting down the days until summer vacation, but school is not out yet! Kick start the summer with some of our summer lessons to hold down student interest while still packing in the learning!

Dream-VacationDream Vacation
Math, ELA; Grades 3-8

Check out one of our most popular lessons and plan your very own dream vacation! Students will utilize internet research, plan budgets and learn local geography and climate of their preferred destination. This lesson integrates the mathematical concepts of graphing and ratios with writing, geography, and history.

Traveling-FunctionsTraveling Functions
Math; Grades 9-11

There are breaking news events happening all over the globe, and as a photojournalist it is your job to get the on-site scoop. You can’t do this however without managing your trip expenses, so utilize real travel data to practice describing and interpreting linear functions.


Can They Survive in Yellowstone?
Science; Grade 3

In this activity, students will work in small groups to research an animal that lives in Yellowstone National Park. Discover what might happen if that animal wandered into a foreign habitat, and determine what the best environment is to ensure survival.