Nextlesson Now Integrates with Google Classroom


We’re excited to share that NextLesson has built a new integration with Google Classroom! This new integration allows teachers to seamlessly manage classes with Google Classroom and NextLesson by automatically syncing across both platforms.

Teachers who use Google for Education will now also see the classes they created in Google Classroom in addition to the classes created on NextLesson within their Class Manager. Classes created on NextLesson will not automatically sync to Google Classroom, but you can start syncing a NextLesson class by clicking the edit button for the class, then clicking the “Sync with Google” checkbox. To stop syncing a class, deselect this button and save your changes.

Sync with google checkbox

In addition to basic information about the class itself like its name and section, student rosters for each class are also synced. However, students will need to create accounts on NextLesson in order to access online projects and lessons. If your students have not yet created accounts on NextLesson, you’ll see “N/A” in the username column. Your students can create accounts by going to the NextLesson signup, selecting the “Student” account type, selecting “Sign up with Google” or “Sign up with username” if they do not have Google accounts, and entering the join code for either an individual lesson on NextLesson or for the class that they wish to join, which can be found on NextLesson or Google Classroom (join codes are synced as well!).

manual sync

If you’ve just created a new class or added students to a class in Google Classroom or on NextLesson and you don’t see the changes synced on the other platform yet,

  1. Make sure the “Sync with Google” checkbox is selected for that class.
  2. Click the Classroom sync button in your Class Manager to do a manual sync of all classes with this checkbox selected.

Otherwise, syncing will occur periodically behind the scenes! Your Class Manager will always tell you the last time your Google Classroom data was synced to NextLesson.

If you have any questions with the new Google Integration, please email at or use the support chat feature on the website!