Streamlined Rank & Reason & Easy Lesson Sharing


You asked and we listened! We’re excited to share two updates with you to address common teacher requests! Introducing streamlined Rank & Reasons as well as easier lesson sharing!

Rank & Reason
We’re excited to announce new, streamlined Rank & Reason! In these new lessons, only the discussion question and list of choices to rank are displayed, without any introductory assignment or research required before the ranking. This is an often requested update – many teachers have asked for Rank & Reasons without the additional introductory work.

This is a great way to take a question that requires only rote memorization (such as “Who are the nine Supreme Court justices?”) and make it a question that requires critical thinking (such as “Which is the most influential Supreme Court justice?”). Almost 150 of these new Rank & Reasons are now available on the website for $0.99 each or included as part of your subscription, but they’re easy to create yourself too! Just go to “My Lessons”, click the “Create a lesson” button on the left and select the “Rank & Reason” lesson type.

With this update, only the streamlined Rank & Reasons will now be found in the Rank & Reason filter on the browse page and within My Lessons. Activities and Projects that included a Rank & Reason will be recategorized into their respective lesson categories and some will be streamlined into the new Rank & Reason lesson type.

Easy Lesson Sharing
We’ve also made sharing lessons on the platform easier! Now, rather than providing students with the share code for each lesson on the NextLesson platform, you can assign lessons directly to a class or individual students that you have set up in your Class Manager. To share a lesson, click the “Share” button in the lesson and select the class or students you would want to share it with.


You’ll still be able to share lessons with your students via join code if needed, but we hope this update will save you class time!

Keep the feedback coming! What do you think of the new Rank & Reasons and sharing capabilities? Send any feedback to