Lesson Organization Update – Worksheets


NextLesson is proud to offer a range of lessons that cover basic skill practice to in-depth project-based learning. We’ve just made it easier to find those resources focused on skill practice by adding a new Worksheets lesson category!

Previously, we had a 21st Century Math Projects lesson type that included projects as well as practice exercises. As of today, these have been reorganized into our existing Projects and new Worksheets lesson categories.

Within the Worksheets category, you will now find the following lines of resources:

  • Choose Your Own Adventure – Short assignments that blend math practice with global content. Students choose problems to solve to receive clues about a mystery country.
  • Crime Scene Decoders (formerly CSI) – Engaging puzzles where students practice solving math problems to decode messages to determine the culprit behind international heists.
  • Essentials – Short exercises where students focus on repeated practice of math & ELA skills using real world topics that they know and care about.
  • Person Puzzles – Short practice worksheets where students solve math problems to learn about the lives of notable people throughout history.
  • STEM-ersion – Short practice worksheets that aim to immerse students in an authentic math application within a STEM career.

All of these lesson types are designed to require minimal time – there’s no prep needed by you and they can be completed by students in a class period or for homework. Currently they are all printable lessons, though we plan to eventually make them available on our interactive online platform as well.

As you can also see above, we have renamed the CSI lessons to Crime Scene Decoders. This was in an effort to avoid any confusion with the tv show or potential trademark issues.

We hope these changes will make it even easier to find the resources that you need!