Better Standards Browsing

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We’ve made a few more updates to NextLesson that we wanted to share!

First, we’ve added a Pacing Guide Browser! The first set of pacing guides that we have aligned to include the following: Everyday Math, GO Math, and Carnegie Learning. You can start browsing for lessons based on pacing guide in the Standards Browser. More pacing guides will be posted in the coming weeks!

Secondly, we’ve also aligned our content to three more sets of state standards – Alaska, Florida, and Indiana. If you live in one of these states, you can now look for lessons by these standards in the Standards Browser. In addition, by setting your standards preferences in your Account Settings, you will see the appropriate alignment for each lesson while you search. With these additions, NextLesson now aligns with a total of ten sets of standards!

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We highly recommend that you set your standards, grades and subjects preferences in your Account Settings for a more customized experience! This will not limit the lessons you can view or access, but enhances your experience on the site by showing you the most relevant standards alignment and lessons. If you haven’t completed your site preferences, you’ll be prompted upon your next login.

Have feedback on the new standards alignment or want to put in a request for a future alignment? Email us at