Expanding NextLesson’s Interactive Lessons to English Language Arts

We’ve got a gem of a release going live today and we hope you love it as much as we do!

With our latest launch we are expanding our online platform to English Language Arts. To support ELA, specifically, we have added a lot of new features that teachers have requested: multiple reading levels, model-text annotation, DOK indicators, and online grading (including standards-aligned rubrics).


Multiple Lexile Levels

NextLesson now provides multiple ways for teachers to make ELA learning personally relevant to students: 1) pick a popular topic like YouTube, 2) assign a favorite edition like Taylor Swift or Beyoncé, and now 3) set the appropriate reading level for each. Yeah! All ELA Performance Tasks are available at three reading levels based on Common Core recommended bands: At Grade, Above Grade, and Below Grade.

Model Text Annotation

To help students develop digital literacy, one of the highlights on this release is model-text annotation. Using tools such as highlighting, underlining, and editing, students will think critically to analyze real-world documents. Teachers already love how students mimic real world learning by examining a model text in our Performance Tasks. Now we hope they will be even more excited that their students can do it with the same kind of online tools used in the real world.

Depth of Knowledge Indicators

With the emphasis on critical thinking in 21st Century Learning, teachers are trying to include as much higher order thinking as possible. To support that goal, we have identified the DOK level (1, 2, 3, or 4) at each step along the way of the Performance Task. You can see the DOK designation right next to the state standard above each question. Sleep well knowing that your students are getting a healthy scoop of DOK 3+ in our lessons.

Online Grading

Once the lesson is completed, we’ll save you time by grading any answers that have a clear right or wrong. For subjective questions, we have standards-based rubrics for you to grade right inline.

Our new help center also has some articles and FAQs to help you through assigning reading levels and grading work. You can always learn about the existing platform here.

What are your thoughts on these updates? As always, please send feedback or ask us any questions at support@xanedu.com.