InterestID Surpasses 3 Million Interests Expressed – Celebrating With An InterestID & Engagement Webinar



InterestID, NextLesson’s student interest survey tool, has passed through a very exciting milestone – over 3 million interests have been expressed by students! In celebration of this tremendous achievement, we are thrilled to make InterestID the topic of the next webinar in our current series on Wednesday, May 1st at 3:30pm PDT.

Meet InterestID – Target Review & Learning with Students’ Own Interests!

This short 30-minute InterestID webinar will be focused on the power of InterestID to help engage students in their learning by highlighting for teachers what content will be relevant to students. Discover 5 quick tips for effectively using InterestID in your own classroom. Sign up for the free webinar today! In doing so, you are able to attend the live webinar and participate in the discussion or be emailed a link to the recorded webinar to view at your own leisure (or both). We hope to see you there!

So, what is InterestID?

InterestID is a student interest and lesson discovery tool that allows students to express their interests and provides teachers with standards-aligned lessons on topics they know their students love.

Students can like and dislike items within categories such as sports, movies, books, music, food and gadgets. If they do not see a certain interest, they can add it in the tool – these recommendations help us determine which lessons or editions to create.

As a teacher, you are able to view the interests of your students in a summary that displays the top liked categories, most popular interests within those categories, and recommended lessons based on those interests. Interest summaries can be viewed for individual students or classes as a whole, and even track changes over time! With this knowledge, teachers can confidently select lessons or editions of lessons they are sure their students will enjoy.

We want to thank you for your excitement around the InterestID tool and for encouraging your students to voice their interests! It is such a joy to see so many students expressing their interests and, as a result, so much engagement in the classrooms we visit. Watch out 4 million, here we come!