Skill Builders Tip #1 – Engagement & Application

unnamedSkill Builders Engage Students in Application & Practice of Learning

We’re classroom vets and we know that students need those opportunities to hone their learning with a meaningful application and yes, practice. We also know that engaging students in practice can be challenging, so we dreamed up relevant and real-world applications of skills for them. Meet Skill Builders!

A huge plus for classroom teachers is that most Skill Builders will be completely auto-graded for you. 

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Rank & Reason Tip #1 – Rank, Justify, Discuss

unnamed-1The Power of the Rank & Reason Discussion Tool

The power of a great academic discussion in our classrooms can be such an exciting inspiration when students are passionate, prepared, and justify their thinking with evidence. WOW! These are the moments that remind us why we love teaching.

We’re on a mission to help classroom teachers develop deeper academic discussions and critical thinking with our Rank & Reason discussion tool. To that end, you’ll find Rank & Reason discussions embedded in our Projects and Activities and also as just stand-alone short lessons.

When Rank & Reason academic discussions lead with a thought-provoking question – one with no right answer – we do also want to provide you with a writing prompt or a follow-up activity.   Be sure to look for them.

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Performance Tasks Tip #1 – Multiple Editions

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 3.28.12 PM

Why Performance Task Editions?

We dreamed up the idea of editions of lessons when our staff was having a vigorous friendly discussion about which football team’s stats we would use for a statistics lesson.  Being a San Francisco Bay Area company, it made sense to choose the 49ers. Still, there were strong arguments for the New England Patriots, the Miami Dolphins, the Seattle Seahawks, and others. Suddenly, a voice said, “Why not all of them?” and editions were born.

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Projects & Activities Tip # 1 – Assigning to Multiple Classes/Groups

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How Can I Assign the Same Project or Activity to Multiple Classes?

This is one of our most frequent questions from teachers and we completely understand! It was an early feature that was added to make life easier for middle school, high school, and teaming teachers.

First, be sure that you have created all the classes that will be receiving the assignments in Class Manager. For instance, you may want to assign the same project to Period 1 and Period 5. 

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