Performance Tasks Tip #1 – Multiple Editions

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Why Performance Task Editions?

We dreamed up the idea of editions of lessons when our staff was having a vigorous friendly discussion about which football team’s stats we would use for a statistics lesson.  Being a San Francisco Bay Area company, it made sense to choose the 49ers. Still, there were strong arguments for the New England Patriots, the Miami Dolphins, the Seattle Seahawks, and others. Suddenly, a voice said, “Why not all of them?” and editions were born.

Each edition of a lesson has the same structure and content – what changes is the edition data. We pull actual sports statistics, download counts, prices, and much more when creating our Performance Tasks. All data in each lesson is real and relevant to the skills and concepts being applied.

Teachers can have multiple editions going at once in their classrooms, and yet still have a common conversation about the lesson and the math. Only the final answers will vary based upon the data being used. 

Not sure which editions of a Performance Task to download for students? Ask them! Students love and appreciate having choices.

Getting Started with Performance Task Editions:

  • Browse for a Performance Task that meets your need
  • Select it and the Performance Task details will be displayed
  • Use the editions drop-down to choose an edition to add to your My Lessons library
  • Next, go directly to that performance task edition, view your My Lessons library, or continue browsing for more editions
  • Each edition added can now be found in your My Lessons library, grouped within the main lesson name

Assigning/Sharing a Performance Task with Students

Assign to Students (prior to class)

  • Go to My Lessons and look for the Performance Task
  • Open the Performance Task
  • Click the Share icon on the menu tab on the right
  • Select the class or group
  • Click Save

Students will now find the lesson assignment in their own My Lessons library. If this is the first lesson assigned to students in this class or group:

  • Open Class Manager
  • Select the class from your list of classes on the left
  • Display the Join Code (enlarge with the corner arrows)
  • Ask students to go to Class Manager, select Join a Class, and enter the Join Code
  • Assign/Share the lesson following the steps above
  • They will now find the Performance Task edition assigned to them in their My Lessons library

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