Projects & Activities Tip # 1 – Assigning to Multiple Classes/Groups

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How Can I Assign the Same Project or Activity to Multiple Classes?

This is one of our most frequent questions from teachers and we completely understand! It was an early feature that was added to make life easier for middle school, high school, and teaming teachers.

First, be sure that you have created all the classes that will be receiving the assignments in Class Manager. For instance, you may want to assign the same project to Period 1 and Period 5. 

  • Create a Period 1 class and a Period 5 class in NextLesson’s Class Manager
  • Select the project to assign and download it to your My Lessons library
  • Open the lesson
  • Click the “Make a Copy” icon in the upper right corner
  • Rename the lesson like this: Lesson Name – Period 5
  • Stay on the current lesson if you want to make another copy
  • Rename the current (original) lesson like this: Lesson Name – Period 1 (upper left corner)
  • When you look for them in your My Lessons library they will be together and look like this:

      • Lesson Name – Period 1
      • Lesson Name – Period 5

Assign to Students (prior to class)

  • Go to My Lessons and look for Lesson Name – Period 1
  • Open the lesson
  • Click the Share icon on the toolbar on the right
  • Select the class or group, in this case, Period 1
  • Click Save
  • Repeat for Period 5

Students will now find the lesson assignment in their own My Lessons library. If this is the first lesson assigned to students in this class or group:

  • Open Class Manager
  • Select the class from your list of classes on the left
  • Display the Join Code (enlarge with the corner arrows)

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