Skill Builders Tip #1 – Engagement & Application

unnamedSkill Builders Engage Students in Application & Practice of Learning

We’re classroom vets and we know that students need those opportunities to hone their learning with a meaningful application and yes, practice. We also know that engaging students in practice can be challenging, so we dreamed up relevant and real-world applications of skills for them. Meet Skill Builders!

A huge plus for classroom teachers is that most Skill Builders will be completely auto-graded for you. 

Choosing Skill Builders for Your Students

Each of the lessons has a real-world inspired focus on the practice of a key skill. They vary in type and length based on grade level and are only created for Math and ELA. To find Skill Builders:

  • Select the orange Browse All Lessons button in the middle of your dashboard 
  • Narrow your search by selecting Type on the left (click More Option to see all)
  • Select Skill Builders and your grade level at the top to see all available
  • Select the Skill Builder to add to your My Lessons library

How to Assign a Skill Builder to Students

  • Be sure that you have created a class in Class Manager
  • Open the Skill Builder to assign to students
  • Click on the Share icon on the right-hand menu tab
  • Select the class to receive this assignment
  • Click on SAVE (scroll down if you have many groups and classes)
  • Students will find the Skill Builder in their My Lessons library

Skill Builder Types


Students answer questions and undertake tasks in a real-world scenario or relating to a real-world topic. The focus is on repeated practice of a skill.

Available in Math grades K-3 and ELA grades K-6. Check them out!

Crime Scene Decoders – Case Crackers

Students answer questions focused on a skill in order to piece together clues and solve a crime.

Available in Math grades 3-12 and ELA grades 7-12. Check them out!

Crime Scene Decoders

Students answer challenging questions built around a traditional unit of content. After solving each crime scene, they are able to determine who committed the crime.

Available in Math grades 3-12. Check them out!

Profile Puzzles

Students answer questions focused on a skill in order to gather information about an important and influential person.

Available in Math grades 3-12. Check them out!

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