Projects & Activities Tip #2 – Did you know Projects & Activities are 100% customizable?

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What? I can edit content from NextLesson?

Our team of educators understands that sometimes you find a really great lesson, download it, but then wish there was a way to edit it so that it matches your exact needs. Each year you have a new class that has its own unique needs. Well, you are in luck because every interactive lesson that you add to My Lessons is 100% customizable. 

To edit NextLesson Interactive lessons:

  • Go to My Lessons and open the lesson you wish to edit.
  • On the top right of the lesson, make sure editing is turned on and green by clicking the button.
  • Click on any text to edit, add, or remove. Clicking outside of the text box will confirm the changes.
  • Add additional content by clicking on the + icon on the right side toolbar. You can add steps, Rank & Reason, text, media (images, links, videos), questions or tables.
  • Click on the trash can icon on lesson items to delete them from the lesson.
  • Additional editing abilities can be found in the gears to the left of every item within the lesson.
  • Save Your Changes: Once you have edited the lesson to meet your needs you will need to click the save button on the upper left side of the lesson. Autosave will happen periodically, but it is always best practice to click save before moving away from the page. 

There are many reasons a teacher might want to edit a lesson:

  • Adjust the vocabulary or numbers to be more appropriate for the level of their students
  • Include a resource they have used in the past
  • Change the language to be more consistent with what they are already using in their classroom
  • Add additional sections to elaborate on portions of the lesson
  • Remove sections of the lesson that may not be applicable to this group
  • Swap out references for ones already used with students
  • Add further directions or clarification
  • Add a link to a site, example, or reference you want to include
  • Bold text for emphasis
  • Add teacher notes as reminders for this use and future ones
  • Insert checks for understanding throughout the lesson
  • Change the order or steps, resources, or text
  • And many more!!!

As always, after lesson content is edited, you can print the updated PDF version of the lesson by clicking on the printer icon on the right side toolbar. To return to the original version of any lesson, simply search for the lesson and choose to “Make Another Copy”. It is always a good idea to rename each copy so that you can tell them apart.