Class Manager Tip #3 – Why do we offer different lesson types?

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  • To better allow you to differentiate for your students
  • To give you flexibility with lesson duration
  • To allow you to challenge your students or focus on building foundational skills

Finding the Right Lesson Types for Your Classes

We know that each class is unique. Depending on what grade or subject you teach, you might be interested in different lesson types. Also, within a class, sometimes you need to differentiate for your students using different content. Well, you are in luck! Not only does NextLesson help you set up classes within Class Manager, but we offer a wide range of lesson types to assign to those classes, too!

NextLesson offers K-12 teachers thousands of standards-aligned lessons that engage students by combining personal relevance, rigor, and real-world context. We have several different lesson types, that range from basic skills practice to in-depth projects and PBL units. Learn more below about our different lesson types below.

Projects – (Grades K-12) ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies

Projects are extended interactive lessons based on real-life situations or simulations, culminating in the creation of a final idea, interpretation, or product.

NextLesson Projects are specifically designed to be ready to use and compatible with implementing PBL in your classroom. Our Projects include our Key Components, requiring deeper learning and in-depth inquiry while also incorporating student voice and choice, reflection and revision, and student collaboration.

Activities – (Grades K-12) ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies

Activities are interactive lessons that include resources, links, videos, and student/teacher notes. Activities may vary in length from one to multiple class periods and tend to be instructional in nature.

Performance Tasks – (Grades 3-12) ELA, Math

Performance Tasks are high-interest activities where students apply and integrate math & ELA skills using topics they care about. Students develop and apply critical thinking skills in authentic, real-world scenarios.

Rank & Reason – (Grades K-12) ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies

In a Rank & Reason, students are prompted to rank a list of choices based on a discussion question, which often does not have a right answer. Students must think critically and provide justification for their rankings. Interactive features allow students to compare their rankings with others and to the class average.

Skill Builders – (Grades K-12) ELA, Math

Skill Builders are short exercises focused on repeated practice of Math & ELA skills. We offer four lines of Skill Builders (EssentialsProfile PuzzlesCrime Scene Decoders, and Crime Scene Decoder – Case Crackers )

Check out our lesson types page or click on a lesson type to start downloading lessons today!