Projects & Activities Tip #3 – How can I monitor student progress?

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Real Time View and Submissions View for Student Work

While many of our Projects and Activities contain offline hands-on components, usually some portion of the Project or Activity requires students to input their responses or answers online. Guess what, we give you insight into these responses in both real time and submissions view! We know how important it is to be able to monitor students progress throughout a lesson to identify areas needing reteaching, opportunities to intervene, and also the ability to assess student work. NextLesson’s interactive platform will save you time by giving you insight into student progress and work.

The two ways that you can view student work on the interactive platform are real time and submissions view. The real time view of student responses enables teachers to monitor student progress and intervene right away if needed. Submissions view allows you to score and return student work once it is completed.

Real Time View

  1. Go to My Lessons and open the lesson your students are currently working on
  2. Be sure you are in Teacher View (top right white dropdown menu)
  3. Click on a # Responses link under a question

Here you will be able to see answers students have entered so far. Responses you have not viewed yet will be highlighted in yellow and moved to the top. This will refresh every 30 seconds to show any newly entered answers by students. As mentioned before, this is a great way to monitor student progress and ensure they are on the right track before working their way through the entire lesson.

Submissions View

  1. After students have clicked the “Turn in My Answers” button found at the very end of the lesson (or from the table of contents), switch to Submissions View (top right white dropdown menu)
  2. You will be taken to a Submissions Overview page that shows all the students who have submitted their work
  3. On the left hand side, click on one of the questions listed
  4. Here you can see the answer key, any auto-grading that was done, and score work accordingly
  5. Go through and score each question
  6. Return to the overview page by clicking on Submissions Overview
  7. Select which student(s) you wish to return scored work to by clicking on the checkbox next to their name
  8. Click the orange Return Selected Submissions button

Students will be able to see returned work the next time they open the lesson from their account.

We do allow multiple submissions for lessons so that you can instruct students to go back and rework a problem or set of problems. Submissions are time-stamped for you to make it easier to tell the difference between multiple submissions by a single student.

Real time response and submissions view are sure to save you time! Check them out on your next Project or Activity!