Rank & Reason Tip #3 – Why edit a Rank & Reason discussion?

Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 5.20.35 PM

  • Increase the complexity by adding to the ranking list
  • Support the items in the list with images or text
  • Clarify the question with more background info
  • Edit the driving question to match your curriculum more closely


Simple Editing for Rank & Reason Discussions

Let’s face it. As a profession, we are a group of editors who like to adapt and edit lessons, even our own, from year to year or class to class. Knowing this, we wanted to give the editing power to teachers as much as possible. Note: Editing prior to students beginning their interaction with Rank & Reason will ensure everyone has the same changes.

Here are four quick scenarios and the editing solutions:

Adding items to the ranking list to increase the complexity of the discussion

A short list of themes, symbols, chemicals, causes, effects, etc. will be easier to rank than a longer list. While it may take more class time to rank a long list, it will raise the level of the academic discussion. To add more options to the ranking list: 

    • Click the Add choice option below the last item in the list.
    • Add your new content choice to the list.
    • Once the options are inserted, shuffle the order as you like by mousing over the handle on the left side of each item and dragging either up or down.
    • The list will be slightly shuffled when students view it.

Support the items in the list with images or text

There are times when a simple image can help pique the curiosity or thinking of students. Images can also support language learners, yet they can be vague enough to create discussion around the meaning of the picture itself.  

Supportive text can range from a definition of a term, a word used in a sentence, a context clue, a red herring, a homonym, a synonym, and so much more. The purpose of the text is to push the discussion or to support it.

To insert either a picture or text:

  • Click the paper clip next to the item name.
  • Insert text in the text box by clicking and typing.
  • Insert an image by clicking on the Add image option and following the prompts.
  • The paper clip will now be dark – signaling content is there.
  • Switch to Student View to review how your changes will appear to students.

Clarify the question with more background info

If you think students will need more background information, or even a clarification or addition of directions prior to ranking the list, it is easily added. Discussion can be focused by adding context here in this space.

  • Click in the space below the driving question.
  • Add any text needed – the box will expand.

Edit the driving question to match your curriculum more closely

There are those moments when we have the best question ever to start a discussion and we know from experience with it that it is a gem. No problem! Edit the driving question for the Rank & Reason discussion to fit your classroom.

  • Click on the driving question box, select the text, and delete it.
  • Type your new question in the empty space.

Build your classroom discussions with the Rank & Reason tool and expect students to justify their thinking and reasoning using the speech bubbles each time! Let us know how it goes.