Performance Tasks Tip #4 – How can I set the reading level of text and questions?

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  • English Learners need accessible vocabulary and structure
  • Struggling students should participate but need a lower reading level
  • Accelerated students should be challenged with more complex language

Setting the Reading Level in ELA Performance Tasks

First, we are talking about ELA Performance Tasks and not Math. The ELA Performance Tasks are much denser with language, structure, vocabulary, and require writing – making them our top priority.

There are three reading levels available in the ELA Performance Tasks:

  • Above grade level (one level above)
  • At grade level
  • Below grade level​​​ (one level below)

Using the Fry Readability formula, we adjusted the reading levels of each ELA Performance Task, so that you could assign the same one to your class, but differentiate the reading level by student. At grade level will always be the default setting.

Here’s how to use this feature:

  • Download the Performance Task you like to your My Lessons library
  • Go to your My Lessons library and open the Performance Task 
  • Assign the Performance Task to your students using the Share button on the navigation bar
  • From the Teacher View, select Table of Contents in the navigation bar
  • Click Lesson Settings
  • Select the appropriate reading level for each student
  • Click Save Reading Levels

Note: We encourage you to update the reading level prior to your student interacting with the lesson. If they start the lesson prior to the change, they may lose entered answers.