Skill Builders Tip #4 – Can I use these outside of whole class instruction?


Using Skill Builders Outside of Whole Class Instruction

Skill Builders are a great way to give students the time and practice they need to master foundational skills. They tap into student interests like sports, movies, music, and more and provide repeated practice of a single skill. We have seen several teachers use Skill Builders as part of their whole-class instruction when introducing a sill for the first time. However, we have also seen our Skill Builders used in other creative ways as well! 

Skill Builders are PERFECT for:

Center Rotations

If you run your Math or ELA instruction time as centers, Skill Builders are a great option for a skill practice center. Because Skill Builders are simplistic in their layout and instruction, they are easy for students to tackle with little instruction or on their own entirely. Perhaps you allow students to self-correct or partner correct when they are finished by providing an answer key nearby.

Early Finisher Work

Skill Builders are an engaging way to practice. Students will enjoy picking skill practice based on their interests and ability level. You might consider having three Skill Builder options available to students at varying levels and let students choose which one(s) they want to work on when they finish another assignment early.

Independent Practice

Skill Builders could replace the typical 10-20 problems offered by the text book for independent practice. Students will receive the same amount of practice while also being exposed to real world connections and topics they already love!

Check out our offering of K-12 ELA and Math Skill Builders and download one you can use tomorrow! Are you using Skill Builders in another creative way? Let us know!