Skill Builders Tip #3 – How can I tell how my students are doing?

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  • Get a real time view of student work to monitor progress and intervene sooner
  • See final answer submissions to assess student understanding

Real Time Vs Submitted View of Student Work

Teachers are some of the most flexible and adaptable people we know! During any given lesson they are constantly monitoring student progress and adjusting goals and expectations based upon how the class is doing. We get just how important it is to have this insight into student learning not just when a lesson is turned in, but throughout the lesson as well. Great news, our interactive platform has got you covered!

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Class Manager Tip #3 – Why do we offer different lesson types?

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  • To better allow you to differentiate for your students
  • To give you flexibility with lesson duration
  • To allow you to challenge your students or focus on building foundational skills

Finding the Right Lesson Types for Your Classes

We know that each class is unique. Depending on what grade or subject you teach, you might be interested in different lesson types. Also, within a class, sometimes you need to differentiate for your students using different content. Well, you are in luck! Not only does NextLesson help you set up classes within Class Manager, but we offer a wide range of lesson types to assign to those classes, too!

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Performance Tasks Tip #3 – To lock or unlock content – that is the question?!

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  • Increase student engagement by slowing down
  • Assess quality before quantity
  • Differentiate where needed

The Joy of the Lock and Unlock Feature

This probably doesn’t happen in your classroom, but it has in ours. Some students know that there are four parts to a Performance Task and they attack it with rushing or racing.  

The Lock Feature puts the brakes on the rush and hands the controls to the teacher.  Unlocked means the section of the Performance Task is viewable by students and Locked means it is viewable by the teacher only.

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Skill Builders Tip #2 – Editing NextLesson’s Skill Builders


Quick Editing for Skill Builders

We know that you want to add, change, and delete problems, sentences, words, etc. from time to time to keep student work accessible yet challenging. We get it! That’s why we offer editing on our interactive platform for most of our Skill Builder lessons. Each of our Skill Builders has its own format (age-appropriate), so let’s break down the process by Skill Builder type.  

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