Performance Tasks Tip #2 – Is this too hard, too easy, or just right for my students?

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Is this too hard or too easy for my students? 

  • It’s just right! We’ve got tools to adjust and differentiate every Performance Task
  • NextLesson uses Webb’s Depth of Knowledge (DOK) Chart to build Performance Tasks

How can Performance Tasks be Differentiated?

From year to year, the students in our classrooms can change dramatically. Whew! It can be head-spinning for lesson planning. Their emotional needs and current skill levels affect how they approach learning what we are teaching, and as educators, we want to be in tune with this.  

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Rank & Reason Tip #2 – How can Rank & Reason help you build a great class discussion?

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How can Rank & Reason Help You Build a Great Class Discussion?

  • Driving questions that push thinking
  • Asking students to use qualifiers in their responses
  • Demanding justification and evidence

A Great Class Discussion

We know it when it happens. We know when the students are so engaged in the discussion that they all want to be heard. Or they spend time anticipating the reasoning of others and preparing to passionately refute their classmates’ arguments. We live for these moments and share them with our colleagues in the lunchroom – wishing it was nearly every day.

We’ve got you! The driving questions in each Rank & Reason are designed to generate the rigorous discussion that students need to go beyond the surface and develop a logical argument. We do that by asking students to qualify their choices based on a ranking by significance, influence, or importance.

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Projects & Activities Tip #2 – Did you know Projects & Activities are 100% customizable?

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What? I can edit content from NextLesson?

Our team of educators understands that sometimes you find a really great lesson, download it, but then wish there was a way to edit it so that it matches your exact needs. Each year you have a new class that has its own unique needs. Well, you are in luck because every interactive lesson that you add to My Lessons is 100% customizable. 

To edit NextLesson Interactive lessons:

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