Class Manager Tip #5 – Finding Lessons Based on Your Students’ Interests

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How can I easily find lessons based on my students’ interests?

  • Relevant lesson content increases student engagement.
  • Students have a voice in their learning.
  • Lesson planning is a breeze, and your students will enjoy your lesson picks!


Lesson Recommendations in InterestID

So, you’ve already had your students use the InterestID Browser and express their interest in various topics. Now what? 

With the InterestID Report, teachers gain insight into whole class and individual student interest trends and gain access to lesson recommendations based upon these interests. Teachers need to set up a class in Class Manager and invite their students to join the class before the report is able to be viewed.

To Access the InterestID Report

  1. Click on the InterestID icon from your NextLesson dashboard
  2. Select the class you would like to view from the green drop down menu on the left
  3. If you want to see a single student instead of a class average, select an individual student from the current class using the purple drop down menu on the right
  4. Click +show all to view all liked interest categories
  5. You can toggle between class report and self-report at the top of the page

To View Recommended Lessons

View Recommended Lessons by clicking on an interest category. The recommended categories will be related to the current InterestID data that is being viewed. For example, if you have selected an individual student from the purple drop down menu, all recommended lessons will be related to that one student. Teachers can also view recommendations by date range, which filters results by the dates students expressed interest in different topics.

  1. Scroll down to the recommended lessons section
  2. Optional: Set a date range to view
  3. Select an interest category
  4. Select a specific interest (the top 25 interests selected will be shown)
  5. Select a grade and subject
  6. Scroll through multiple pages of lessons by clicking on the page numbers below
  7. Click on a recommended lesson to be taken to the lesson details page to download if you wish

Remember, InterestID reports are generated from the interests expressed in the InterestID Browser. We hope these lesson suggestions help make lesson planning a breeze and increase student engagement in your classroom! As always, we welcome your feedback!