Skill Builders Tip #5 – How can these lessons be used for differentiation?

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How can skill builders be used for differentiation? 

  • Above grade level skill introduction
  • At grade level skill practice
  • Below grade level skill review

Using Skill Builders for Differentiated Skill Practice

We believe students should enjoy skill review/practice no matter how far behind or ahead they might be. What level the student is working at is between the students and the teacher. For this reason, we never print grade levels on the student version of Skill Builders. A 6th grader, for example, can be reviewing skills at a 4th-grade level and never feel bad about this. The topics are still engaging and the grade level is never displayed. The same goes for students practicing skills well above their current grade level.

Using Skill Builders for Students Below Grade Level or Needing Review

It is so important to keep students who are struggling interested in the content they are focusing on. When students are behind or lack the confidence in a skill it is oftentimes hard to muster the stamina required to see an assignment through. That’s why we have not only created Skill Builders with a repeated practice focused on a single skill but have built them around topics students already know and love! We have seen struggling students persevere simply because they enjoy the topic the skill is being practiced around. Our content ranges from K-12 in various interests such as sports, music, movies, tech, places, and more!

  • Review skills periodically to keep them fresh in the student’s minds
  • Review skills that are a prerequisite to the current skill being taught
  • Fill in knowledge gaps as far back as Kindergarten
  • Use them as test prep to build student confidence

Using Skill Builders to Challenge Advanced Learners

Keeping our advanced learners engaged and excited about learning is so important – getting bored is not an option! Our Skill Builders provide an opportunity for teachers to assign work all the way up to 12th grade in a simple-to-follow and easy-to-understand format for students. As a bonus, Skill Builders are focused on topics the kids really enjoy!

  • Go deeper with grade-level skills by practicing them in a Real World context
  • Introduce new skills ahead of the rest of the class
  • Repeated practice of skills at their current level of understanding
  • Allow students to explore areas of interest, learning new skills along the way

However you decide to use Skill Builders in your own classroom, we know they will be a hit! Let us know how they go, we always love hearing from you!