Projects & Activities Tip #4 – Understanding NextLesson’s 8 Key Components for Projects


What makes a great project?

  • Learning should continue through peer feedback and self reflection.
  • Students are always asking “why”, authenticity answers this question.
  • The final product should answer a question originally posed.

Understanding NextLesson’s Key Components for Projects

NextLesson Projects are extended lessons based in real-life situations or simulations, culminating in the creation of a final idea, interpretation or product. They are specifically designed to be ready to use and compatible with implementing PBL in your classroom. NextLesson Projects include 8 Key Components that facilitate an authentic PBL experience, requiring deeper learning and in-depth inquiry while also incorporating student voice and choice, reflection and revision and student collaboration. The 8 Key Components found in every NextLesson Project are:

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Class Manager Tip #4 – Getting to Know Your Class with InterestID

db_interest-idWhy do I need to know what my classes are interested in?

  • Knowing what your students like keeps engagement high.
  • Answer the “why?” with application of skills in meaningful scenarios.
  • Give your students a voice in their learning!

What is InterestID?

InterestID is a tool designed to connect teachers with lessons based on the interests of their students. Students browse through the hundreds of interesting topics that NextLesson has developed its content around, indicating whether they like or dislike them. As students engage with the InterestID browser, they build an interest profile. 

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