A New Era for NextLesson

It has been almost nine years since our team began the journey to transform education. While we have learned in intimate detail why progress is so challenging in education, we remain steadfast in our belief in NextLesson’s thesis: by making learning more relevant through applied learning, students will be more engaged and will have better outcomes.

I am proud of the work our team has done building a library of thousands of real-world lessons that tens of thousands of teachers have used with millions of students.

Today I am pleased to announce that XanEdu Publishing will be acquiring NextLesson’s content and technology, including our GrokSpot tool.

Our library of lessons as well as publishing platform will now be in the hands of a company with significantly more assets to invest as well as experience in education marketing.

Though we have sold NextLesson’s content and technology for XanEdu to continue to grow by leveraging their deep experience and distribution prowess, our company remains committed to closing the opportunity gap in new non-curriculum-based ways. We have changed the name of our company to Sideguide Inc. and look forward to sharing our new products with you next year. You can visit our website www.sideguide.org to sign up to be among the first to be notified.

Finally, we are very thankful for all the heroes who have supported us over the years: our investors, our world-class education advisory board and all the employees who worked tirelessly and passionately on the cause and, of course, all of you – the educators who have been power users and have helped shape and improve our product along the way.

Our team is closing this chapter of our company’s mission to narrow the opportunity gap through curriculum, but we remain committed to leveling the playing field for all students with new ideas and energy. 

Most importantly, we could not be more excited and confident in XanEdu’s shared passion for engaging students in learning with real-world topics –  to improve outcomes and build their desire for lifelong learning. 

Dion Lim