Why Stickers, Pizza Parties, and Tickets Didn’t Work in My Classroom

This blog series was authored by our own A.J. Juliani, Head of Learning & Growth.

Why Stickers, Pizza Parties, and Tickets Didn’t Work in My Classroom

It was towards the middle of my first year teaching (8th grade) when it hit me: My class was spinning out of control, and it was all my fault.

I was an eager first-year teacher, with an awesome mentor who taught Language Arts with me on the same middle school team. My students were busy writing papers, doing cool projects that we came up with, and reading in literature circles. I was also lucky to have a lot of technology in the classroom early in my career. It was a really good spot to start teaching, and I was messing it all up.

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Announcing Our Collaboration with A.J. Juliani – Leader, Author, and Educator Extraordinaire!

Today we are very excited to announce a collaboration with AJ Juliani, a leader in inquiry-driven education and author of Launch, Empower, and The PBL Playbook. He is also the creator and teacher of The 20% Project and the Genius Hour Master Course.

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Reaching tens of thousands of teachers around the world, as an author and a speaker, AJ has had the opportunity to see a lot of great PBL in action. He has also witnessed firsthand the challenges that teachers face in teaching PBL and developing their own materials. We were very excited, therefore, when AJ reached out to us to collaborate on highlighting our content.

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